Google Ads & How it works

What is Google Ads ? & How Google Ads workHow Google Ads Work

Google Ads is an online advertising platform , which helps business to reach their interested customers with the help of google and their partners. the googls ads platform run on the pay-per-click(PPC) advertising. PPC it means like you should pay for your when every user or visitors click on the ads. How Google Ads Work.

Types of google Ads

  • Search Ads
  • Disply Ads
  • App Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads

Creating process of Google Ads account , How Google Ads Work

We can create our google ads with the different ways , but we should try to create as simple as we can .

Open your Google - search - - Click on create the new google ads account - click on the switch on the expert mode

Now the next option is what's your goal to creating a google ads  account, but we should click on the below that is create an account without goal.How Google Ads WorkAfter confirming your Billing countryand time zone and also currency , we can submit the process . now the process is complete and lets explore the google ads campaign.

Now you entered in the google ads structure (in their overview section ) . google ads account setup process is complete.

Let's Make a search ads for a Digital Marketing Agency

create a new campaign and working on it .

How Google Ads Work


firstly we should choose a goal for our google ads ,

Goal - goal is like what we want to achieve through this campaign.

google gives us some examples of goalm that we can choose or we can go without choosing anygoal also, but we should choose a goal and start finishing our ads.

1-Sales- If any type of business need that they want to more sales of their product or business , they can choose this goal and finished their google ads , it's really very much effective for every business.

2-leads- Any types of business  which want to take more leads or queries they can go with this type of goal.

3-Website traffic- Any online business which is new their fields or they want to more traffic on their website (traffic means more user visit their websites) they should chooswew this goal and continue their google ads.

4-product and brand consideration- Encourage people to explore your products or services.

5-Brand awareness and reach- Reach a broad audience and build awareness.

6- App promotion- Get more installs and interactions for your app.

there are six type goals in google ads which we can choose or we can create ads without goals or custom goal. (How Google Ads Work)

We are creating ads for Digital marketing agency , we  can choose website traffic for them or we can also choose leads but we are choosing website traffic. after choosing website traffic the new option is which type of ads you want to create , we can go with search ads that's we already told about it.

Now the next process is to filling the website URL we are submitting the link of the website is  and click on the continue .

campaign setting process is going on , now give the campaign name and choose the network for our ads ,

Targeting and audience - here we should choose our audience whom we want to sell products or services , we can choose .

language - the next option is to choosing the audience language and we can choose through our needs.

Audience- we can choose audience with their interest behavior etc.

Budget - google is asking our daily budget for google ads.

bidding- now they want to your bidding process how you him, choose on the clicks and strategy is manual cpc not on maximum clicks.

there are more options for our ads like Ads schedule , ad rotation etc. ( How Google Ads Work)

and other options is sitelink extension, callout extensions & call extension , ,we can fill it and keep continue .

Now campaign setting completed (topic- How Google Ads Work)

next process is set up ad groups

Ad group type - 1- Standard  2- Dynamic

Standard - standard means google recommend this type and all option show that we can choose their options.

Dyanmic -it mean all function we can create by ourselves we dont have recommendations by google .

Fill the ad group name and some keyword related their business. maximum we can fill 20 keywords in an adgroup.

now ads setup completed and the next process is creating ads .

There are 3 headline with 30- 30 characters we can full fill it and 2 description with maximum 90 characters

after filling these information now our ads almost complete and its goes for google approval , if all looks good they approved within 24 hours. after approval we can run it .

finished topic Google Ads & How Google Ads Work)

thank you

(topic- How Google Ads Work)

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